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Refractory linings are built with bricks and special shapes. There are a vast number of shapes and compositions to meet a wide-range of furnace design requirements. Those refractory products that are supplied in their final form are called shaped refractories. Bricks and special shapes are the backbone of the refractory industry and can be either fired, or chemically or resin bonded.

The processes involved in shaping include pressing, ramming, and vibrating. Standard, rectangular-shaped bricks are adequate for building straight walls. Other shapes are required for building furnaces with curved walls or roofs. To build these, bricks are shaped into arcs, wedges, radial, and circular standard forms. Togni maintains a close relationship with its clients so that it can adapt its products to the shapes that are required for specific applications.


Unshaped refractories include products such as mortars, plastics, ramming and gunning mixes and castables. Supplied in bulk or packaged unshaped, so that they can be used directly in place, resulting in, many times, large monolithic structures. They may be applied by hot or cold gunning to make new structures or for repair work of linings which are already in operation.
Our castables may be adjusted to special application conditions such as: pumping, shotcrete, free flow, gunning, set time, temperature of application.
Please consult our Technical Department for information on the best possible material for your equipment.

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